SalesTech Game-Changers Digital Magazine is Out: 8 Companies Answer an Important Question

August 07, 2018

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By Nancy Nardin

game chang·ing
having a big effect on the conditions in an area such as business:
“New technology can create a game-changing shift in a market.”

There are more than 500 solutions on our current SalesTech landscape. Which technologies have the potential to be game-changing? Nearly every week, we interview a different SalesTech company to learn why their solution should be considered to be a SalesTech Game-Changer.

To qualify, they should help companies sell more, in less time, at the right price, while lowering costs – what we call the 4 Golden Goals.

In each interview, we ask several questions about how their solution can change a sales organization in a significant way. Once a quarter, we summarize their answers in this easy to read magazine.

In this second issue of the magazine, we showcase 8 solution provider answers to our second question: “What are the top 5 things your solution allows salespeople to do better or faster than they can today?”

In a glance, see how executives, from Agent3 to Zilliant, answered that question.

Here are a few tidbits:

According to Outside In research, they found that average B2B win rates were 41%, with many under 20%. Sales teams are wasting effort chasing down deals that are ‘unwinnable.’ DealSheet (one of their many products) helps salespeople to quickly qualify and score opportunities, highlighting risks and supporting better pursuit choices. They also found that only 18% of B2B companies were happy with the quality of their account strategies for their most important customers. AccountPlan helps salespeople to accelerate their engagement strategy and DealSheet creates a focused deal strategy that can help to shorten sales cycles.

There are so many sales tools to help salespeople at the individual level. But what about sales tools designed to help Sales Leadership and Sales Operations to better optimize their salesforce as a whole, which results in better performance by the individual reps? OpsPanda does just that by enabling sales leaders to truly understand their coverage and capacity models, understand the cost of attrition and the time to performance for new hires, and understand the effectiveness of your sales enablement efforts.

We’ve all used GPS to get from Point A to Point B, so why not use a GPS for sales? Olono guides reps to their destination, the close, even if they run into a hurdle and get off track, because Olono understands every activity and signal that has occurred and can predict what’s ahead. The solution quickly gets them back on the route to success.

Would you like a treasure trove of insight into the buying intentions within your accounts? Account data can be used to massively accelerate time to value for salespeople by helping them understand what buyers are interested in and how to best engage with them. Through ‘intent’ data analysis in the Agent3 platform, sales users can now understand where the most relevant buying signals are within their key and named accounts, allowing them to efficiently target those accounts as priorities and thus accelerate their time to quota.

Where do salespeople mostly work? In their inbox. So why not give them the tools that function within the platform they use the most? Cirrus Insight saves sales teams time by integrating lead, contact, case, or opportunity directly from your inbox into Salesforce. You can schedule emails and track them, schedule and confirm meetings, and use attachment tracking to determine high performing pieces of content.

Renewals are a lot less expensive to pursue than new business. Zilliant IQ helps you maximize the immediate value of every transaction and the lifetime value of every customer. With Zilliant IQ, your salespeople can understand every customer and their needs like your best customers, uncover the total revenue potential of every customer, identify and win growth opportunities across your entire customer base, and avoid losing business due to customers leaving or purchasing from competitors with proactive customer retention and product churn alerts.

Sifting through sales collateral can take up a lot of time. Seismic centralizes all sales collateral into one area and then automatically distributes the right piece of content to the seller based on a host of data AND distributes it to other tools where sellers spend most of their time, such as in their CRM, their email client, or their mobile device.

According to the Aberdeen Group, ‘Best-In-Class sales teams are more than twice as likely as underperformers to have adopted video solutions on behalf of their front-line sellers.’ Brainshark enables video-based coaching, practice, and assessments to validate that sellers can demonstrate mastery of key messages before they get in front of a buyer. Visual dashboards make it easy to see how individuals are progressing through all their assigned courses and activities – creating a deeper understanding of who is truly ready to sell.

Those are just a few highlights. Download your free copy of the magazine here to read about more technologies and the top 5 things these solutions allow salespeople to do better or faster than they can today.

Source:: Smart Selling Tools