Dreamforce 2018 Wrap-Up Report: Take-Aways from the #DF18 Expo Floor

October 04, 2018

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By Nancy Nardin

What a week! When it comes to this year’s Dreamforce, It most certainly did not disappoint. As crazy as it always is, it remains one of the best events of the year to attend if you’re looking for inspiration, knowledge, and networking.

We’ll be reporting on all the activities over the coming weeks. In the meantime, I wanted to share a Dreamforce wrap-up from the last day of the Expo floor.

As I always do, I stopped at the booths of some of the most exciting technologies to learn what they had to share at the event.

First up… A quick chat with Luke Perritt, Account Executive of Conversica. Luke explained why Conversica is so “cool.” It helps sales and marketing build pipeline. He described how their AI Sales Assistant takes on the grunt work and delivers prospects who are ready to have quality conversations. Our very own, Steven Wright, interviewed Erroin Martin, VP Sales at Conversica. You can watch the video here.

Next up was LevelJump. Marketing Manager, Daniel Hebert was all smiles and I wanted to know why. It’s because LevelJump took home the prize for SalesCloudDemo Jam! Not only that, their sales onboarding demo won the entire, cross-category demo jam award! These guys are on to something big. If you didn’t catch them at Dreamforce, get in touch with them now and tell them Nancy sent you. In the meantime, check out the video interview we did with Founder, David Bloom.

Of course, I had to schedule some time with TimeTrade, the scheduling solution who’s “click to schedule” web button converts at a rate of 4X traditional web-forms. TimeTrade can help you over-come all kinds of demons including the Rescheduler, the Ghoster, and the No-Show Man. Thanks Michael Raccio, Salesforce Partner Manager, for TimeTrade. If you’d like to hear from Lauren Mead, VP of Marketing for TimeTrade, I interviewed her on camera, at the Sales Enablement Soiree to learn more about TimeTrade.

Next up was a chat with Greg Dette, Regional Sales Manager for TerrAlign. One of the most important elements for a large sales organization to get right, is the distribution of accounts, or territories for optimal sales coverage, i.e. Revenue. It can’t be done with a spreadsheet. Customers get serviced better and salespeople have the best chance of hitting numbers. A win-win. Watch my video interview from earlier in the week, with Ken Kramer, President of TerrAlign.

If you’re a Salesforce shop and your salespeople use email (in other words, everyone who uses Salesforce) needs to have a solution like SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce. I had fun talking with CMO, Max Bondarenko, about how accessing, updating, and logging CRM information from within email eliminates a lot of wasted time while increasing the amount and accuracy of CRM data. Watch our video interview from earlier in the week, with Vlad Voskresensky, CEO and founder of Invisible.io.

Speaking of wasting a lot of time… you don’t make your salespeople hunt for the best content to use to progress their deals do you? Tony Panega, Sales Executive for Mediafly and I spoke about how any modern sales organizations can improve sales results when Marketers make the right content easily available to each rep so they don’t lose time searching. They call this “evolved selling” – I’d say it’s called evolved marketing as well. Watch my video interview with Tony Kavadas, EVP, Global Alliances and International Sales.

Let’s give a hand to all the hard working Sales Reps on the Expo floor! Like Michael Rudzinsky, Corporate Account Executive for BigTinCan, it’s a busy, exhausting, and energizing event all at once. Michael talked to me about how BigTinCan helps companies in industries like Manufacturing, Financial, and Life-Science, arm their reps with powerful content. Watch our in-depth video interview with CEO, David Keane from the day before at the Sales Enablement Soiree.

Ever walk by a booth and wonder, “what in the world does this vendor do?” That did NOT happen with Aviso. They make it clear from the get-go. They help companies “Close More Deals with AI.” The obvious question is, “How?”. Tom Victory, VP Marketing took me through the ‘how’ and explained their 90-day challenge. Use Aviso free for 90 days and if they’re not at least 90% accurate in predicting which deals will close, they’ll donate $500 to a charity of your choice. Go to Aviso.com and sign up for the challenge.

There are a lot of great solutions to improve performance, and grow revenue. If you want to discover more of them, visit the many Sales Solutions we have on our site or view our SalesTech Landscape. Also, be sure to sign up for our free, bi-weekly webinar series where we have a different solution provider and one of their customers describe use-cases and outcomes.

Source:: Smart Selling Tools